5 Strategies to Unlock your Higher Self

The highly religious folks like to think it is God on one shoulder and the devil on the other. But those two voices you often hear from within you are actually your survival instinct and your higher self. While your survival instinct tries to look for things that are not supposedly right and point them out to you so as to keep you out of trouble, your higher self tries to embrace happiness, fulfilment, adventure and carefreeness. Your survival instinct tells you “you are not good enough”, “your crush will never agree to date you”, “your peers are doing better than you” and other negative ideas that sometimes affects your self-confidence even though some of them are not true.

Most person are used to listening to this part of the human mind that points out the flaws in them that they never ever listen to their higher self so as to unlock it. This is contrasting considering the fact that people want to be happy and accomplished.

Certain strategies have proven to be effective in helping people unlock their higher selves and they include:

Nurture positive thoughts only.

Thoughts are the chief determinants of our moods and emotions. Even though it is common knowledge that we cannot control all of the thoughts we get, but we can learn to influence them to our favor. The thoughts you respond to grows stronger with time. This is why you have to constantly feed the thoughts that elates you. The best way to visualize this is to see your positive and negative thoughts as two plants growing within a space with limited resources. The plant you water grows and eventually dominates the other one. So pay more attention to what your higher self is saying and laugh of the not-so-good comments from your other half.

Communicate with your higher self

While at it, try to find out what the highest purpose of your life is. Make a list of everything that comes to you and act on them.

Decide to make your life great even if it is not perfect.

The truth is that nobody on earth is living a perfect life but some persons have come to the one true realization that a great life does not necessarily have to be a perfect life. With this realization, they have managed to become happier and achieve more. It has been said that if you spend all of your time trying to build a perfect life, you will have little or no time to enjoy life itself. You have to realize that even the world you live in is imperfect, with this realization, you might be better prepared to forgive your own imperfections. While you strive to correct the flaws you can correct, learn to enjoy the flaws you cannot change.

Learn to Abandon the Victim Mentality.

It is easy for individuals to blame one situation or the other for their shortcomings. This makes them feel better but this victim mentality keeps one in check and never allows him to reach for his higher self. For you to unlock your higher self, you have to stop blaming anything outside you for your circumstances. Accept that only you can create your reality.

Lastly, explore more of your higher self through studies and meditation.

The benefits of unlocking one’s higher self is evident in the fact that happier and more confident people achieve more than their grumpy counterparts. So everyone hoping to soar beyond mediocrity and low performance are supposed to strive to come to a stage in one’s life where his/her higher self pilots all of the daily affairs.