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NLP Meta Programs

Meta-programs are ways of thinking that direct your behaviors, actions, decisions and interactions with others. In other words, they are mental processes/shortcuts which manage, direct, and guide other mental processes to achieve a desired outcome. They determine what your brain pays attention to and how it pays attention to it. They depend on your external […]

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How to Use NLP to Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

As we learn more about what makes people successful in business and even in terms of leadership, researchers and NLP professionals have now moved on from the usual attributes of Intelligence Quotient (IQ) towards Emotional Intelligence(EQ). And EQ is now considered a very essential ingredient in the make-up of potential leaders. Conversely to our IQ, […]

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How to Structure Your Presentation to Engage More People Effortlessly

There are many things you can do to get your audience more engaged on your presentation and a lot of things you should avoid in order to prevent your audience from tuning out of your presentation. You tend to lose a substantial number of the audience if you fail to structure your presentation appropriately.How to […]

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