How to Find Your Higher Purpose Using NLP

You will agree with me that, it feels really good to discover and live your purpose. Also, when you are on purpose you are very creative and the world as a whole will often appreciate the fruit of this creativity. There are many benefits of being on purpose, you are in your comfort zone, it’s less stressful and you relax more. This purpose provides a filter for your actions and stops you from doing unproductive things.
Below are a couple of steps that we believe can help you discover your higher purpose:

  1. Step outside your comfort zone: The reality is that you can only discover your higher purpose when you escape from that unproductive comfort zone.
  2. Find yourself a mentor or coach: Nobody can easily achieve success by themselves, so therefore surrounding yourself with people who support and inspire you.
  3. Drop from your head to your heart: Your heart is the best tool to discover or access your purpose in life.
  4. Setting your own course: Discover your purpose by digging deep down you to find your desirable course.
    NLP brings powerful tools to anyone ready to revitalise, revise and their mission and purpose. This is done by putting your mind to use, and your whole brain to discover power and wisdom you never knew you had by asking yourself very critical questions.

The top Questions About Purpose 
Here are the top questions you must ask yourself before you discover your purpose.
What is that thing you can do with your life without limitation, constrain or consequence?
This is the basic question people are often asked in order to discover what they really want. This question is also essential when it comes to setting goals. Every one of us has a darkness within, which can only be hidden or suppressed but can’t be eliminated because it is a part of us. This question is an excellent opportunity to illuminate that dark side. 
What is that recurring theme or motif?
What we did in the past is an important part of us, and also an indicator of our present purpose. Therefore, finding that recurring theme or motif from our past is one way to figure out what patterns we more often repeat in our lives, and what we naturally gravitate towards.
Another back-up question would be; would you like to change this theme or motif? something being recurrent in our past does not mean progress. Due to the fact that our early lives were influenced by arbitrary elements such as society, parents, religion and school. We didn’t consciously choose what happened around us which in turn influenced us, but we have the choice to go forward with our real purpose. We get to redefine or choose what we keep from a variety of what we learned in the past.

How can you contribute to the world and humanity as a whole?
Try to think deep to find a unique way you feel can add value to your life in particular and at the same time contribute to the world and humanity as a whole. You can do this by going as macro or micro as you want, that is, it can be contributing something to your nation, your faith, or humanity as a whole or even contributing something to your community or your family in particular. Don’t forget to take into consideration what you are really good at, your skills and your capabilities, for that’s what it means for one to discover his higher purpose.

I challenge you to use these NLP methods to rise up and find your higher purpose. In the words of Mark Twain, “The two most important days of your life is the day you were born and the day you find out why.” If you have been living your life without a true purpose or mission, you can do so now by applying the above NLP techniques and by asking yourself the above questions accordingly.