How to Start a Coaching Business Using NLP

Starting a coaching business can be very tasking if approached the wrong way. Apart from the lingering doubt in your heart as to whether you will succeed, you still have other logistic and operational concerns to address effectively. However, if you can ask yourself some certain questions and get suitable answers to them, setting up an NLP coaching business may turn out to be easier than you think.

Ask yourself if the NLP coaching business are in line with your own personal beliefs and values. This is important because it is your passion that will make all the difference and mind you, you will be doing this on a daily basis. NLP coaching is a thing of the mind, so let your mind be fully vested in this.

Other key things that you need to consider prior to starting a coaching business are:

  1. First you need to decide on the type of coaching service you want to start with NLP. Sort of like deciding what your Niche is. Don’t start up with the holistic approach. Be more specific and precise but know the ‘damn’ thing so well. Coaching services that can be conducted under the umbrella of NLP are business coaching, life coaching, executive coaching, relationship coaching and general performance coaching. Ensure that you are properly trained for the coaching option you will eventually settle for. Even though the coaching ecosystem does not have a supervisory body just yet, but your amount of clientele on the long run will be dependent on the successful cases you will record. So you need to be sure u have the required training for any coaching branch you want to establish in.
  2. Coaching business, just like any business requires structure and legality. You will have to decide on the structure of the business you want to set up. Will it be a sole proprietorship, a partnership or a Limited Liability Company? The earlier you decide on this, the better because your choice from the above will determine the legal framework that your business will require. For instance, if it is a partnership, then you will require a partnership deed.
  3. The next step is to get your prospective coaching business a name, a logo, website, complementary card, other necessary stationeries and register the business with the appropriate bodies.
  4. Next secure the services of professionals such as legal practitioners, insurance experts and financial experts to setup the paper works for your prospective NLP coaching business to avoid issues with the law. Also maintain a cycle of NLP experts to whom you can always talk to. Do not disconnect all ties simply because you now have a business entity of your own.
  5. Even though the coaching business does not have a regulatory body just yet, there are a couple of professional organisations you can join to portray your business as consistent and professional. Some examples of these professional organisations are NLP Association of Excellence (NLPEA), the International NLP Trainer Association (INLPTA), and the International Coach Federation (ICF).

After setting up your NLP coaching business, you need to decide on certain aspects of your business to ensure a smooth running. They are:

  1. Decide on how and where you intend to reach your client base. This is in order to ensure a steady flow of clients.
  2. You have to decide how much you intend to charge for your services, decide on the category of your prospective clients and classify them into cost categories.

So there you have it, the little considerations that can make or break your NLP coaching business.