How to Use NLP in Business and Sales

The key to business and sales is good communication. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) can be used to develop better communication skills in order to excel in your Business and Sales. With the use of NLP, you can develop/refine your customer proposition. This includes being able to articulate what you offer, the characteristics of your ideal customers how you reach them, how they benefit, and how to overshadow your competition.

Everyone has a ‘preferred’ language by listening to your customers, their sentence construction and words they use, you may have a good indication of their preferred language.

Customers who prefer ‘auditory words’ such as: sounds like, hear or listen, would make sentences like ‘can you hear what I am saying?’

Those who use ‘visual words’ such as: picture this, look or see, and other illustrative and colourful words, would make sentences like ‘can you see what I am saying?’

And others who prefer ‘Kinesthetic phrasing’ which focuses on how we feel about something, would make statements such as ‘do you feel this?’. The following are different NLP tools, tricks and techniques, which can be used to develop your business and sales strategy.

  1. Mirroring

Do you know that rapport builds a solid foundation much faster? yes it does, and this can be achieved by picturing the representational system and preferred language of your customers, and in turn using it to respond to them. It unconsciously flatters the customer, and they will understand you better.

  1. Match your Sales Strategy to your buying strategy

Try using samples and pictures to stimulate the visuals during your sales pitch. The kinesthetic need to get a feel for something, so allow it to handle the samples with your samples and pictures.

Be careful of the words you say if your customer is in the ‘auditory words’ category, as they are motivated and stimulated by sound. For equipments that can be switched on, switch them on so they can hear and pass comments on the sound quality.

The NLP META MODEL is an indispensable tool for anyone with the desire to cut to the chase in a sale when faced with anticipated ‘objection’ or when asked questions. The META MODEL is concerned with questions such as ‘how exactly’ or ‘what exactly do you want?’. With the use of these tools (tools of meta model), you will be able to figure out any missing information your client may have deleted from the question or clarify any content that is not in order or with incorrect interpretation. With meta model you learn how to answer questions ‘speedily’ and accurately by equipping you with the appropriate information.

  1. Towards and away from

There are two major types of customers. Those who tell you what they want, and others who tell you what they don’t want. If they are ‘TOWARDS’ meaning they are more concerned with what they want, discuss your product or service with respect to what they want. But if they are ‘AWAY FROM’, discuss your product or service with respect to what they don’t want. This is an important trick to enable you increase your sales.

  1. Staying positive

To truly develop and excel in sales you need to have to stay positive. With a positive mindset, you can have reprogrammed through yourself to achieve your goals, unlike a negative mindset which could destroy your chances of success. You can use the NLP technique called REFRAMING to overcome any bad selling experience.

The use of the aforementioned NLP techniques has been tested and trusted by a variety of business men and woman around the world. Apply them and you will experience tremendous increase in your sales.