NLP in Hollywood

With the immense benefits associated with NLP, it is not surprising that some notable figures from different fields of endeavour are NLP trained. Hollywood is not an exception as some Hollywood household names have been trained in NLP. Celebrities such as Anthony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Russell Brunson, Donald Trump, Russell Brand and Bill Gates.
Let us take a closer look at how we feel these Hollywood celebrities are applying their NLP knowledge.

Donald Trump
There have been publications and interviews aimed at dissecting the persuasion technique being adopted by Trump in his business and political career. The latest is leadership expert Dov Baron, who published a detailed examination of Trump’s persuasion techniques in an article titled ‘Decoding Trump’. Baron as an inter-personal communication expert stated that Trump campaign has been very calculating in its messaging, despite what often appears to be a chaotic, directionless campaign. America’s leading cult expert Rick Alan Ross also pointed out that he has noticed that Trumpism bears similarities with some fanatical groups he has studied.
This is the reason why the trump campaign and government has managed to be very articulate in its messages even when the process of doing so has appeared to be very chaotic and directionless.

Trump’s utterances are somewhat examples of the “pacing and leading” technique. They are evident in the extreme positions who normally take on matters of security and safety even if those positions are impractical, unconstitutional, or something that the military would refuse to do.

Oprah Winfrey
It is not news that Oprah Winfrey is a strong believer of the possibilities of NLP and she applies NLP principles in her personal life and career. She has been quoted saying “NLP helps me to manage audiences and motivate them. It is just amazing.” Coming from the No. 1 talk show host in the world, you have to believe it has really helped her manage a very large audience.

Anthony Robbins
On what NLP can do in the world of business and sales, Anthony Robbins, Author of “Awaken the Giant Within” once said “I built my sales career from zero to become the world best motivator by using NLP”
A critical look at the definition of NLP given by Dr. Bandler, co-creator of NLP in 2008, will help us understand why these Hollywood popular names are able to apply one NLP to different professions ranging from politics to acting to hosting TV shows and the rest.

Bill Clinton
Clinton is one politician whose charisma even in the face of adversity will be talked about for a long time. Since Clinton worked very closely with NLP ‘big name’ Tony Robbins and got several critical advises from him, there are indications that his charisma and ability to handle pressure effectively stemmed from his NLP training.

Bandler defined NLP as an “attitude, methodology, and technology that teaches people how to improve the quality of their lives. It is an educational tool that teaches people how to communicate more effectively with themselves and others. It is designed to help people have personal freedom in the way they think, feel and behave.”
These people have been able to improve the quality of their lives using attitudes, technologies and methodology prescribed by NLP. It has also helped them to communicate effectively to their teeming fans and listeners, Trump and Winfrey are good examples of this.
The people who have mastered NLP and used it for their personal developments and daily lives have managed to achieve great successes that most other people can only dream of and this is evident in the lives of these popular Hollywood figures. It is with the help of NLP that the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump and other notable figures previously mentioned are using to achieve legendary statuses in what they do.