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What Would It Mean For You If You Could Achieve Everything You’ve Ever Dreamed Of…?

Would you have more time to spend with your family..? Or perhaps you could travel and see those places you’ve always wanted to see…

Did you know that you already have what it takes to achieve these things inside of you..?

We’ll Show You Exactly How To Breakthrough And Live The Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of At This LIVE Event!

 From: Michael Joseph

Dear Friend,

It’s YOUR time…

At each NLP Master Practitioner, you will meet others who are just like you and create friendships that will span a lifetime..

Those who came before you had no idea what to expect…

And at this event we will be on stage SHOWING you the exact method for YOU to achieve your breakthrough, remove negative emotions and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from achieving your fullest potential…

You will be sitting in a room with other people just like you who are ready to transform their lives and start helping others, and my message for you is this…

  YOU Are Next…

  It’s YOUR Time…

  It’s YOUR Turn!

Are You Ready to Uncover Your True Life’s Purpose?

What You’re Going To Learn…

Let me show you what you’ll be experiencing at NLP Master Prac!

  Discover how to remove all your limiting beliefs

  Learn the 16 techniques to overcome any objection

  Find out how you can resolve conflicts using communication

  Uncover what is unconsciously holding you back and how you can remove it

  Learn simple and easy to understand methods to create lasting personal change

  Discover what motivates you and those around you

  Reveal what drives your thoughts and behaviours and how you can align them to achieve your goals

  Learn how to remove behaviours that don’t serve you anymore and replace them with empowering behaviours

  Discover what values level you are, what that means and how you can progress to evolve your consciousness

  Learn how you can align your values levels in all areas of your life to achieve your goals

  Learn how you can create lasting change in your life

  Discover how you can use Master NLP Strategies to install any behaviour in order to achieve your goals

  Uncover the #1 skill for success

  Discover how you can achieve the same results as any success person

  Learn the skills to speak from stage and run retreats and events

  Learn how to design a presentation that will speak and sell to the entire audience

  Learn how to become a confident speaker

  Learn Timeline Therapy® at the Master Level

  Discover how to reveal someones detailed personal history so that you can solve any problem

  Heal every negative emotion from the past on all significant emotional events

  Learn how to conduct a complete breakthrough session with your clients

  Learn about past life regression and how you can use the process to heal and empower yourself for success

FasTrak™ NLP Master Practitioner Certification® Training

From this training you will receive the following certificates:

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming  Master Practitioner Certification
  • Time Line Therapy® Master Practitioner Certification.
  • NLP Master Coach Practitioner Certification

This training will guide you step-by-step in how to consistently make amazing things happen in your life…

  • Discover the answers to what is holding you back in life.
  • Reveal how you unleash your self-confidence and live to your full potential
  • Learn the tools that motivate you and KEEP you motivated
  • Uncover the most effective tools used in personal growth coaching to achieve outstanding results
  • And much more…
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