Optimising Sales Techniques Using NLP

Every salesperson knows how badly they want their sales charm to work out. Sometimes, these techniques work out, other times they don’t. Even if they are working out fine for you, there is always room for improvement and this is where optimisation of sales come in.

NLP as an attitude, methodology and technology that has helped people to improve the quality of their lives in every ramification by bettering their communication and relationship with others, can also be applied in optimising sales.

For a salesperson, NLP can optimise sales techniques by doing the following:
• Re-programming the subconscious mind of sales persons consciously.
• Taking them through self-hypnosis exercises.
• Intimating the sales persons with the required state of mind for closing an important business deal.
• Teaching sales people how to legally steal someone’s skill and apply them in their own sales.
• It can also emphasise the importance of goal setting using self-hypnosis.
To do this, a sale person needs to understand anchoring, which is a core NLP practice and be sure to know the following things on anchoring:
• How to apply anchoring for your benefit in terms of making sales.
• How to avoid negative anchoring that can affect your sales process adversely.
• How to employ emotional anchoring
• Using anchoring to build your confidence which is key for sales.
Also, a sales person hoping to optimize his sales will need to have regular mental rehearsal using self-hypnosis and also creating mind triggers that can grant him competitive advantage.

Ways in Which Sales Can Be Optimised Using NLP

  1. Improvement of Communication and relationship: NLP teaches sale persons how to rapport with people and create long lasting relationships. Relationship is key to sales. A sale person who is capable of initiating friendship between himself and his prospects is more likely to make a sale to them and the people he may recommend afterwards.
  2. Improvement of language: in sales, what you say and how you say it matters a lot. It can go a long way in determining whether or not you will make the sale. NLP as Neuro-Linguistic Programming teaches you how to pay attention to your language and gestures whilst studying your listener.
  3. NLP does not scrap everything you know about sales. It helps you improve on all you already know about sales. This is because NLP enhances what is already existing. It just helps you up your sales game.
  4. Increase in confidence: good self-confidence allows a sales person to approach more prospects and make more sales. NLP’s techniques also boarders on building self-confidence and that means that more sales can be made with increased confidence.
  5. Learning of Needs and Proposing solutions: making sales can be more effective if a salesperson can truly communicate with his prospects, identify his needs and proffer solution with what he is selling. NLP training grooms you on how to systematically win the trust of your prospects so that they can be open to you. By this, you learn of their needs and satisfy them.

It is surprising that most sales persons are not already taking advantage of the immense powers of NLP in sales even when sales is one of the most absolute best applications of NLP. The possible reason for this is that most persons are scared of changes and prefer to stick with the known. Hence, most sales persons prefer the traditional models that they are used to since they are skeptical that NLP may interfere with their regular routine of making sales. Dare to be different and get NLP training and consciously apply it to your sales.