Prime Directives of the Unconscious Mind

An understanding of what drives the unconscious mind, in other words, it’s critical responsibilities, is needed in order to be able to work with it to affect a durable change. The unconscious mind is absolutely humble to orders and enjoy serving, all you need is give it a clear order. This is because the unconscious mind needs really clear orders to execute tasks. Problems occur mostly when you fail to give your unconscious mind inconsistent orders. For instance, one day you praise yourself for being handsome and the next you condemn yourself for being awful. The unconscious mind gets confused and unsure of what it should do.

The prime directive can be used to our advantage, Since the unconscious mind enjoy serving consistent orders. One of the most important thing we can do, is always provide the unconscious mind with consistent directives.

The unconscious mind is the master controller of all perceptions. This involves those which are telepathic, and those which are regular, and it transmits these perceptions to the conscious mind.

The Unconscious mind does the following;

  1. The unconscious mind stores our memories.

The conscious mind is responsible for storing our long term memory.

  1. The Unconscious Mind makes association.

This means that the unconscious mind links similar things and ideas. As we experience life it takes these experiences and categorises them by similarity. This aid us when experience something new we are able to pick it up quickly. On the other hand, it can also hold us back. That is, if we try and fail, then if we try doing something similar, our unconscious will “recognise” that we failed before and we end up falling again.

  1. The unconscious mind will repress memories with unresolved negative emotions.

The unconscious mind puts into a “little black bag” all memories with unresolved negative emotions on them…and then shove it down. Until these repressed emotions are solved we continue to bring them into our future

Many people will admit that, they keep experiencing certain situations repeatedly. This is as a result of your unresolved negative emotion. Unless they are resolved you will keep living your past.

  1. The unconscious mind presents repressed memories for resolution.

At strangest time, the unconscious mind brings those unresolved to be solved. Your unconscious mind compels you to deal with the unresolved negative emotion before achieving your goal.

Though you may bully to achieve you goal but the work would have been much easier if the unresolved negative emotion was dealt with beforehand. The unconscious mind brings up those memories for resolution because they know it’s not good for you.

  1. The unconscious mind has the right to keep repressed emotions repressed for your protection.

Sometimes, that’s the reason we recall the full content of a particular memory. The situation may be ridiculous that in order for us to function and survive, the unconscious mind suppresses the experience.

Time Line Therapyยฎ, NLP and personal development can help us to recover these deep dark emotions suppressed by our unconscious minds.

  1. The unconscious mind runs the body.

It is better done by our unconscious mind than we doing it. Now take a minute to think about this. If you had to breathe yourself every day, that is, you breathe in… then you breath out….in and out… then all you would be thinking about is breathing. But your unconscious mind makes it possible for things to happen automatically for you.

The unconscious mind runs the body with a blueprint.

  1. The unconscious mind preserves the Body.

The unconscious mind maintains the integrity of the body. It always takes possession of the body for its priority job.