Oksana Roma, Sydney NSW

There is something special that I want to share with you, as I am still feeling the power of magic that has happened to me during the NLP training that we did in Sydney. It would not have been such an amazing journey of transformation for me, if not for you, who challenged me all the way to go through my fears and excuses, by being devoted and by playing full out. Since being trained in NLP, it has completely modified the way I live my life and I changed my career as well. I now support others to get phenomenal metamorphoses in their lives and careers.

I feel like I have found my purpose and I now have total clarity in my life, and I’m getting paid to help other people and make a difference. It was well worth the investment!

Katie Godden, Rural NSW

I’m a school teacher from rural NSW, and I recently attended a training with Michael.

When I first became a coach my BIGGEST concern was how on earth I was going to get clients into my coaching business, as I knew nothing about Marketing and I was worried about having to sell to people, as I didn’t like the idea of being ‘salesy’.

After working with Michael, I now attract clients into my business and now use NLP strategies that don’t Make me feel like a sales person. I’m now looking at transitioning out of my teaching career and go 100% into coaching full time!

Michael is extremely professional who models true versatility and excellence in business.

Moses Marrion, Perth WA

Hey Mike, I just wanted to send you a quick thank you since our NLP training up in Sydney.

I have always done trainings that help me with work and personal life and I really wasn’t sure how NLP would work for me as a real estate agent and business owner.

Since attending the training with you, I’ve now realigned my life so that my time at works covers both parts of what I find fulfilling.

I can now work in the property industry and also work on my own coaching business which I didn’t see as a potential before. You can truly do the things you love and build a business that suits your lifestyle provides for all your desires.

I am now getting ready to launch my own events. NLP has changed my life forever, it’s no wonder it’s one of the best kept secrets for success. Thanks again, Mo

Jason Boustani, Sydney NSW

I was recently mentored in NLP and hypnosis by Michael Joseph, whom, helped me overcome some past negative emotions and limiting decisions which I had in relation to developing my business. I had been stuck in procrastination in developing my business and Michael used strategies to really get me moving along with gaining more clients and showed me ways of increasing my income more efficiently. Michael is a great coach and practitioner and has opened my eyes to new resources allowing me to make great change in my life for the better, I can’t thank him enough!

Linda Ho, New Zealand

When I first met Micheal I was quiet confused about my path and certain aspects of NLP seemed quiet unclear to me but since I worked with Micheal I have a clear direction in my business and feel stronger than ever before to continue to grow personal and on a business level. I now run a successful coaching business full time in New Zealand, using NLP as the backbone of my business… Giving me plenty of time at home to watch my kids grow up If you have the opportunity to work with Michael do not hold back! He is committed to the success of his clients and very passionate about helping people become entrepreneurs and living life on their own terms…. Mike, next time I’m back in Oz, I would love to take you out to lunch to tell you all about my journey since working with you!!!


Ludo Courbin, France

Michael changed my life through NLP, using time line therapy, parts integration… Such an amazing breakthrough, releasing negative emotions, limiting decisions & limiting beliefs. Before doing this, I had a belief that “I was not enough”… and it was causing me lack of fulfilment and not taking action in my life… I got a new client to pay me within 10 minutes of finishing my breakthrough with Michael. Seriously amazing!! it’s the best gift you can give to your self. Don’t hold yourself back anymore and get in touch with Michael and change your life.

Mike Vanderplas, Utah USA

I met Mike at the NLP event in Sydney. At first I had no idea how I was going to get clients or where to even start… Originally I was in the medical industry and I had a little experience in sales, but none at all in marketing, so I felt very stuck and overwhelmed by it all. Michael was able to open my eyes to new concepts to generating new leads and clients for my coaching business. Since then, I’ve been running workshops and helping other people discover this amazing gift of NLP.

Michael Vanderplas RN

Adrian Nicholls, Melbourne Vic

After having some mental blocks around money I knew it was stopping me from driving forward in life, after an incredible session with Micheal we cleared out all the old beliefs that were not serving and created a clear path ahead. Really looking forward to whats to come! Thanks Micheal, very professional and a very good trainer.