The 5 Step Sales Process using NLP

The mark of a good salesperson is his ability to develop and master his own fool-proof sales process that he activates whenever he is chasing a sale. Most times, these engineered processes work, other times, they may not be so effective. At such times, it is left to the salesperson to return to the drawing board and re-strategise.

Most of the time, the sales plan you will develop would fall into the category of the general conventional sales plans that are increasingly becoming ineffective due to widespread usage, stiff competition and obsolescence.
The good news is that NLP can be introduced into the sales process so as to improve outcome. So NLP which stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is a psychological program and since making a sale in this new dispensation involves working on the psychology of your buyers, by now you are beginning to see the connection. It might be time for you to start applying this psychological method that is helping people achieve success in different field of human endeavours.

The sales process is a technical one that involves different steps and the application of different techniques. In this article, we will be introducing you to the steps.

The Steps are summarised as follows:

Step One – Building Rapport
In this step, you as a salesperson have to build a rapport with your prospective client. Your main aim of doing this to earn their trust and have them on your side. Do everything possible to ensure that your prospect like you and bond with you in the subconscious level. To do this effectively, you have to employ tactics bordering on appealing to the inner them. Practices such as flattering them, complementing them, telling them stories and telling jokes are all steps that work. To do this effectively, one has to imbue the attitude of self-confidence and positivity so that it will radiate from you to them.

More effective NLP techniques includes match and mirror methods and gesture mimicking. In this method, you can foster the rapport by noting the tone of voice which your client uses and try using the same tone. It also means that you search their vocabulary for any recurrent word and using those words more in your conversion with him, searching for any recurrent gestures when they speak using them too. This way, your client will feel at home with you and communicate more.

Step Two – Asking Questions
It is psychologically proven that when people enquire about you, then they pretty much care about you. As a salesperson, you can use this to your advantage in two fronts. The first is that this enables you to use their preferences to sell to them and it also help you win their trust faster. Thus, you should try as much as possible to get enough knowledge of your prospect while trying to sell to them. There should be a balance however, do not poke nose into their private lives but at least know the basic facts about them. if you are not sure where to draw the line, you should focus more on finding out about their goals and aims. Then depending on what you are trying to sell, you could probably enquire about their progress so far in that area of their lives and what the best outcome is for them.

Step Three – Identifying a Need
From the ongoing discussion so far, you should see a pattern emerging. The pattern is familiarising yourself with your clients and getting to know them so that you can identify what their needs are and propose solutions by means of your sales. So while you are spending quality time familiarising yourself with your prospects, try as much as possible to spot needs and problems facing them. you may even ask them directly what their needs are or what they are trying to improve.

Step Four – Linking the Need to Your Product
Your knowledge of their needs puts you in a better position to provide solutions. To do this, link their needs with what you are offering.
Step Five – Closing
To wrap up the process, you can apply any of the psychological methods based on NLP such as giving them a direct statement insinuating that what you are offering is simply the best.