What can I do with an NLP Certificate?

You have checked yourself and you can see that you are very much interested in getting NLP certified but one thing still bothers you… You are wondering what you can do when you become NLP-certified? That fact that you are asking this question shows resourcefulness and you will need it to succeed in the NLP ecosystem. The good news is your resourcefulness will come in handy here as there are several career paths you can take with your NLP certificate. In this post, we will be sharing some but not all with you as they are too numerous to mention.

When it comes to NLP certification, the benefits are two edged. The benefits you pick up as a person can generally improve your lifestyle and general productivity. You can also make extra bucks teaching people these benefits that are working for you.

The NLP benefits cuts across the following:

  • Healing Practices.
  • Educating corporate world and governmental bodies on communication and productivity.
  • Teaching others how to be an NLP practitioner.
  • Teaching people how to use language to influence others.
  • Educating people on how to use NLP to guide their future visions.
  • Teaching teachers how to better communicate with their students and impact more.
  • Teaching students how to better their grades.

All of these can be condensed into the following job opportunities for NLP practitioners:

  1. Wellness Expert, Therapist, Counselor, Mediator, etc.

NLP certification entails you have been trained to totally understand the mind and know how to manipulate it to your emotional and mental wellness. This qualifies you to play the role of any of the professionals mentioned above. In fact, many NLP Master Practitioners are therapists and counsellors.

  1. Business or Life Coach

Your training as an NLP practitioner puts you on a path of becoming a business, wellness or life coach. And we all know how these professionals are in high demand in our world of today. With your NLP certification, hard work, passion and a couple of business skills, you are on a ride to becoming a renowned business coach.

  1. Television and Radio Show Host

There are a wide range of examples of NLP students who took a career on TV and Radio and are doing great in their chosen careers. Your show can focus on educating your listeners on the immense benefits of NLP or helping them better their productivity tips by exposing to them NLP methods that works. We all know how people are clamouring for greater productivity these days. It becomes even easier for you if you have authored NLP contents that have been generally accepted.

  1. Hypnotist, Yoga Expert, Guided Meditation Expert, Personal Trainers and Relaxation Expert

All of the professionals mentioned above are pretty much concerned with working the mind and the body for well-being and productivity and this is the main focus of NLP. Hence your NLP certification gives you a base on which you can start off as any of these professionals.

It’s pretty much simple to imagine how wide the reach of NLP can be by looking at its core concepts. Since NLP is primarily concerned with understanding how the body and the mind work together and using this knowledge to better human productivity and well-being, it becomes clear that NLP can find application in therapy, business, self-development and education. This is because all of the mentioned fields above relies on the mind and the communications of the mind.

Conclusively, NLP is such a broad field of human endeavours with several applications. What matters most in this field is a robust training and a will to practice. With these, you can build an amazing career in NLP.